The Trolltounge tour

The Trolltounge tour

The Trolltounge tour

This is our most valued and sold trip. This one have it all. It includes all that you see on the shorter trips, but then the special route starts

We fly towards the Glacier and focusing on places like “Bondhus breen”. Then we fly around the Glacier or over it. The flight continues to Åkrafjorden or Sørfjorden, over Odda and to “Trolltunga”

Tourists that have taken helicopter flight in The Grand Canyon often also fly in norway because of the good experience, and they say “This is a hundred Grand Canyons in one trip”

The route will be chosen from the weather conditions the day of flight. Some times the Glacier will be covered with clouds, and not possible to access. But still we will do our best to make this trip a unforgettable memory for you.

Remember to choose number of passengers before choosing date and time.

Airbus AS350

75-90 minutes


Maximum total weight for 5 passengers is 450 kg

Yngve Borlaug