This is the helicopter we use for most mission.

Our helicopter in Bergen is equipped with safety emergency flotation gears and VIP seats.
Former name is Eurocopter AS350.

Number of Helicopters
We have one in Bergen, but if needed we can arrange with severalt helicopters for groups.
AS350B2 – 1 Helicopter
AS350B3 – 1 Helicopter
AS350B3+ – 1 Helicopter
AS350B3e / H125 – 4. Helicopters (1 of them in Bergen)

General Information
Crew: 1 or 2 (only 1 needed)
Engine type: Turbin
Fuel: JetA1
Seats: 1 Pilot and 5 Passengers
Normal cruise speed: 115 knop / 213 km/t
Max flight time with full fuel: Aprox. 3 Hours

Internal load/Passengers:
450 kg (Depending on distance)

Underslung load:
AS350B2 – 1250 kg max. (workload 900-1000kg)
AS350B3 – 1400 kg max. (workload 1000-1100kg)

Total length: 12,94 meter
Hight: 3,34 meter
Rotordiameter 10,69 meter

Dimensions Picture